Hello Hailey here!

Well your probably wondering hmm what is young&tattooed and why am I here looking at this site, Well first here's a little tid bit about me and why I'm here starting a blog. Well here we go I am basically just a 21 year old girl that loves tattoos and what they have to offer. Tattoos have changed my life more than people would probably realize. So with that said, my reasoning for starting this blog was to bring recognition and to shed a little light on how the tattoo world actually is vs. the way that it is perceived by many people. On my site you will also find information about tattoo styles, artists and things I just think are rad as well as tattoo related products and my opinions on them. Each blog or vlog post will have a different topic that I would think people would be interested in because well who wouldn't be I mean your here why not stay awhile and learn a thing or two.

This blog will state MY own opinion and I will talk about things I've learned along my journey into the tattoo world. In no way am I a professional on the topic I am just here to share my opinion and hopefully open a few peoples eyes.


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